Yes on L lawn sign impropriety on Election Day


Rik Keller

The No on WDAAC has a very limited budget, spending about $7,500 to date compared to the $250,000 that Dave Taormino and partners have spent. It seems odd that someone would have placed one of the few yard signs of the No campaign in that location. One might suspect a plant to make the "No" campaign look bad.

Coincidentally, Dave Taormino has also had "no comment" about why his campaign has continued to use the offensive “Taking Care Of Our Own” motto that he apologized for and pledged not to use weeks ago. It has appeared in multiple campaign materials, including Facebook event posts for this week and last.

One wonders why Taormino has continued to use a phrase that was described by a Davis County Council member as ringing “with a distinctly Trumpian tenor that effectively delineates “us” from “them.””

Roberta Millstein

With every campaign, there are signs on public lands that shouldn't be there, and I certainly saw Yes on L signs on public lands this time around. It's a problem, but it passes beneath my radar in the sense that unless it's really egregiously frequent, I wouldn't bother to post about it.

Posting a sign near an election location is another order of magnitude, in my opinion.

But I guess Dave feels that a Yes sign near an election location is OK because there is a No sign on public property? Or he wants us to believe that all improperly placed signs, whether on the No side or the Yes side, are due to the No campaign? Hmm. Doesn't quite pass the sniff test, though, does it?

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