UC Davis workers on strike, Wednesday, March 20
Bob Dunning Doesn’t Understand that the City’s Declaration of a Climate Emergency Is No Laughing Matter

Students and Workers United Will Never be Defeated!

The following letter was sent by UAW 2865 Davis Unit.  See previous article for more context.



Dear members,

Solidarity forever! On Wednesday, March 20th, thousands of campus workers will go on strike across the UC system to demand a living wage while maintaining and expanding essential benefits and protections like good, affordable healthcare; a dignified retirement plan; and job security. Despite the university’s attempts to trick students and workers into blaming each other for our hardships, we know that our interests are intrinsically connected while the real blame falls on the university’s (and the state’s) priorities.

We recognize that March 20 is the middle of finals week when many students are busy but there are a variety of ways you can support the strike which vary in their level of commitment. First, we’d like to remind you that the contract between UAW 2865 and the UC guarantees Academic Student Employees (ASEs; TAs, AIs, Readers, and Paid Tutors) the right to not cross picket lines. If any ASE chooses to exercise this right and not work on March 20 due to the strike, the UC isn't allowed to impose any consequences on them beyond docking their pay for the hours that they otherwise would have worked. Let us know if you face any sort of retaliation for acting in solidarity with fellow UC workers.

Secondly, we ask that you join the picket line for any period of time you're able to between 7am and 4pm at the corner of College Park and Russell Blvd., and that you especially try to attend the 12pm rally, tomorrow, Wednesday March 20th, Sacramento there's another picket line at the Medical Center. You can even study or grade at the picket line. You can also support the striking workers by posting about the strike and the workers’ demands on social media and sharing these posts with others through email listservs. Finally, we ask that you watch out for announcements about future strikes, especially over the next few months, and be prepared to support them as well. Meeting the needs of both students and workers is only possible through collective struggle because when students and workers fight, we win!

In Solidarity,

UAW 2865 Davis Unit


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