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Joe Biden is not the president we need

Progressive-montageIn a recent Davis Enterprise letter to the editor, Laurie Friedman writes that we need “a moderate candidate” for U.S. President, suggesting that “Biden would unify the country as he has broad appeal to blue-collar workers in the Midwest as well as Democrats generally.”

Must we make the same devastating mistake twice?

This was the same song that was sung four years ago for Hillary Clinton. Everyone assumed, against all available evidence, that progressives would turn out for Hillary “because Trump.”  She took their votes for granted as did her fellow centrists. Well, they didn’t show up, and now we have Trump.

Perhaps it’s time to try a progressive candidate who people are actually excited about, with new ideas and new directions for the country. I recommend people check out Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Andrew Yang, for starters. I think progressive ideas being promoted such as Medicare for All and a livable minimum wage will resonate across the country if we just give them a chance.

And please, let’s put to rest the notion that Biden has “broad appeal” and is “electable.” Despite name recognition, Biden has failed to secure the Democratic nomination twice. Recent allegations of improper touching of women are appalling; a man who thinks it is OK to come up and sniff a female co-worker’s hair is not a man who respects women. Let’s also not forget that when Biden was Senate Judiciary chair in charge of the Anita Hill hearing, he failed to call on three women who could have testified about their own experiences with Clarence Thomas and office culture.

It’s time for a change.


Nora Oldwin

Roberta, I totally agree with you. The only point I'd argue is that people can and do change- (Biden/Anita Hill hearings) but I"m not sure the changes Biden has been through translate to responsive governance for our times. I think he should drop out of the race. Bernie has a whole lot of momentum although some say he's anathema, too. Maybe we should start Pancakes and Politics early and in print? Each of "us" take one candidate and research the heck out of them starting now? I'd volunteer for one- to gather all the pros and cons and history and then evaluate? This could be a good forum for that!

Roberta L. Millstein

Nora, I agree that people can change, but nothing that Biden has done since then gives me confidence that he has changed. He said, "I wish I could have done something" during Anita Hill's hearing. Wtf? He was in charge of the hearing. He is not taking responsibility for his past actions. Similarly, he's joked about the hugging, etc. ("I just want you to know, I had permission to hug Lonnie"). I agree with you that he needs to drop out of the race.

Good idea to start up Pancakes and Politics now! There are so many candidates that it's hard to get a handle on what all of them stand for. I'm totally game to host this on the Davisite and would be willing to take a candidate, too!

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