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Loved The Pajama Game

Pajama gameBy Rachel Rycerz

Saw the opening night of DMTC's "Pajama Game." Go see it! Excellent acting, fun songs, great choreography. There were many stand out performances.

I loved Morgan Bartoe as Babe Williams. She had it all -- strong acting, expressive, with both humor and emotion, great stage presence, voice, dancing. She and Tate Pollock as Sid Sorokin made a believable romantic couple that you (or at least I) root for. Tate was also terrific all around in this role, solidly establishing his character and playing well with Aimee Rose Santone (a perfect Gladys, fantastic actor and spectacular dancer) in very different dynamics than their pairing as Phoebus and Esmerelda in Hunchback of Notre Dame. He also had a terrific duet with himself in "Hey There" (Go see it!).

Exter Hardy was an effective Mr. Hasler, the boss of the Pajama factory. Dannette Vassar gave a solid and funny performance as Mabel, particularly in her duet with Hugo Figueroa as Hines in "I'll Never Be Jealous Again." Richard Walker was great as "Pop," Babe's father.

Two other actors who stood out to me were Barbara Silver as Mae and Amy Woodman as Poopsie. Barbara gave a great energy, whether she was in pursuit, love sick, or a woman scorned; Amy's commitment to and physicalization of her character, from when she was first sitting at her sewing machine to the curtain call, was always fun to watch.

Great direction and sound and light design by Steve Isaacson, choreography by Kyle Jackson, costumes by Jean Henderson, musical direction by Jia-Min Rosendale, and costumes by Jean Henderson. DMTC's production of Pajama game is engaging and enjoyable. Don't sleep through your opportunity to see it!

"The Pajama Game" is playing at Davis Musical Theatre Company (607 Peña Drive) April 26-May 19, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm. Tickets are available at https://dmtc.org/.


Rachel (Hoover) Rycerz grew up on stage in Davis, performing in 30 shows before heading to Berkeley to major in English. She returned to the stage in Davis this past November as Miss Hannigan in "Annie."  This July, she will be playing Hannah Pitt in Angels in America at Roseville Theater Arts Academy.


Nancy Price

So glad to read this great review...and will be certain to see this production. First time I saw it was :on Broadway" in 1954 with Gwen Verdon as Poopsie....marvelous!.
Just indulging myself in a little reminiscing!!!!!

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