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Barista Brew

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By Michelle Jillian Bailey

The welcoming aroma of coffee. The clink of dishes and whoosh of the foamer. A tiny woman behind the counter. She owns a huge smile and an even bigger heart. This mighty woman is Jira, proud new owner of Barista Brew Café.

Cropped 2Jira speaks humbly when talking about her past accomplishments, but her eyes absolutely sparkle when she talks about upcoming plans with the coffee shop. “You know cupcakes are my specialty.” The joy is palpable. “I am looking forward to adding in more of my bakery items.” There are no big changes in the works, just small ideas to bring more comforts of home to this small café.

Like many of us, Jira spent her younger years raising her babies. Those babies are now grown. Her beautiful daughter, just like Davis’ beloved Natalie Corona, is a CSO with Vacaville PD. And her son, following in his father’s footsteps, is proudly serving in the US Army. Jira’s heart swells with pride and joy for her kids, and the work of all first responders. Anyone in uniform will enjoy discounts when having coffee, breakfast or lunch in her welcoming restaurant.

Barista Brew Café is centrally located in downtown Davis on the corner of 5th & G St. Unlike other downtown location street parking is easy to find and there is the free parking garage just a block away. The sales only benefit Jira, her staff and the City of Davis. As a local proprietor there are no franchise fees or big city CEOs advancing from her sale. Instead, she has created plenty of room to design a unique drink you will enjoy. And, in the future she plans to rent the space out in the evening for events, meetings or parties.

When you have some free time, or need your caffeine fix, be sure to stop by Barista Brew Cafe. Return Jira’s infectious smile, and enjoy a tasty treat. Personally, I recommend the Mayan Chai Latte and the breakfast burrito. Come, try them for yourself, and support this local business!

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Leslie Hunter

Jira’s Barista Brew Cafe has recently been added to my list of locally owned shops downtown. She was delightful to meet, and indicated she’d like to give back to the Davis community. I encourage folks to put her Cafe on their rotation of establishments to frequent.

Todd Edelman

Curious if all the seemingly-locally-owned cafes in Davis are actually that. Curious how cities like San Francisco keep chains out of certain areas. Curious about which places in Davis sell only organic, Fair Trade. Curious about which cafes give discounts to teachers and environmental activists... and who is not interested in subsidizing coffee for the cops.

Personally, I ALWAYS pick a seemingly-local place, also for its setting. Organic is not as important, I don't mind if city personnel with relatively-well paying jobs and benefits are there.

Actually my favorite places including restaurants - access and setting-wise - are ones where I can park my bicycle so I can see it outside the window. This access could be a skateboard, mobility scooter, electric-assist tricycle or fare-free autonomous shuttle from the peripheral parking location...

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