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VCE public workshop, studies purchase of PG&E Assets

VCE(From press releases)

Valley Clean Energy Sponsors Public Workshop on Proposed New Residential Time-of-Use Rates

Valley Clean Energy (VCE) will conduct a public workshop this month to share information on proposed changes to PG&E’s residential electricity rates based on time of use. VCE is considering whether or not these rates would be advantageous to VCE customers and would like to hear from its customers. PG&E staff and VCE representatives will be present to discuss the proposed changes and answer questions.

The public workshop will begin at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22, in Woodland City Council Chambers, 300 First St. in downtown Woodland.

In short, the time-of-use (TOU) rate plan offers lower electricity rates during off-peak hours and higher rates during periods of peak electricity consumption. If this new TOU rate plan is adopted by the VCE board of directors, approximately 50 percent of residential customers would be transitioned to the new TOU rate plan unless they decline the change. The new rate would provide an opportunity for those customers to save money by reducing energy use during peak periods.

The VCE Board of Directors welcomes its customers’ input on this important topic. A final vote on whether to adopt the new rate will be taken at the Sept. 12 board meeting. If adopted, the rate would become effective in February 2021.

How it works:

  • Under the time-of-use plan, the price you pay for the electricity you use changes based on the time of day and the season:
    • Peak (highest price): 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., seven days per week
    • Off-Peak (lowest price): Before 4 p.m. and after 9 p.m., seven days per week
  • Winter months have lower prices than the summer months

What it means for you:

  • You have the opportunity to save money if you reduce your overall energy usage, especially during the higher-priced (peak) hours.
  • You can decline the TOU rate and select a different rate.
  • A rate analysis will be provided by PG&E 90 days prior to implementation so you will be able to see which rate plan is best for you.

Workshop specifics:

Date:                        August 22, 2019

Time:                       5:30 PM

Location:              City of Woodland Council Chambers

                                    300 First St.

                                    Woodland, CA 95695

For more information, go to or call 855-699-8232.

Valley Clean Energy Board to Study Purchase of PG&E Assets

The Valley Clean Energy (VCE) Board of Directors — composed of elected officials from Woodland, Davis, and Yolo County — is studying the potential acquisition of PG&E distribution facilities in Yolo County as a way to provide safer, cleaner, more reliable and affordable electricity service to its customers.

PG&E’s recent bankruptcy filing provides an opportunity for a fresh look at how electricity is delivered.

“Exploring the feasibility of this option is the responsible thing to do for our customers,” said VCE Board Chair Tom Stallard, a member of the Woodland City Council. “And the timing of this opportunity is unique. If we find a practical path forward, transferring PG&E’s poles and lines could mean a safer electricity system and benefits for both customers and the environment — it could bring a real sea change in local power provision.”

While the cost and responsibility of operating and upgrading electrical distribution lines is significant, there are many proven examples showing it is practical for public ownership of power facilities. There are currently 54 public power utilities in California serving almost a third of Californians. VCE will evaluate the benefits and risks of public ownership, as well as possible governance options.

Lucas Frerichs, VCE Board member and Davis City Council member, stated, “Although the structures of various public power utilities may differ, their objectives are always the same: achieving greater control over system safety, investment in equipment upgrades, transparent public governance, and rate stability to benefit all power consumers.”

VCE currently provides more than 90 percent of the electrical generation needs in Woodland, Davis, and unincorporated Yolo County. But customers still must pay PG&E for the distribution of that power to their homes and businesses.

Having full control over both electricity distribution and generation could help achieve VCE’s stated goals of providing cost-competitive clean energy, product choice, increased energy efficiency and price stability.

VCE’s exploratory process will weigh costs and benefits of public power and assess risks that may be associated with ownership of the local distribution system. It is possible to reduce and better control risk by removing the private profit motive and using profits otherwise distributed to PG&E shareholders for reinvestment in the safety of local electric power.

Regular updates on VCE’s feasibility study will be provided at the agency’s board meetings where the board encourages public input. For more information about VCE or the feasibility study, visit

About VCE: Valley Clean Energy is a not-for-profit public agency formed to provide electrical generation service to customers in Woodland, Davis, and the unincorporated areas of Yolo County. The VCE Board of Directors is composed of two county supervisors, two members of the Woodland City Council and two members of the Davis City Council. Our mission is to source cost-competitive, clean electricity while providing product choice, price stability, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emission reductions and reinvestment in the community.


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