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Speaker on Davis 2060: Trees or Tucson?

Treelined-street(From press release) Unshaded asphalt will burn you: it reaches over 150 degrees in the summer.

So, with forecasts now estimating Davis temperatures will rise to rival today’s deserty Tuscon, shade trees will determine if we will still be able to walk, bike, or even comfortably wait for a bus on summer afternoon.  Or even walk your bare-footed dog.

The Davis’s climate resiliency plans will be putting shade trees front and center, and to that end the City has obtained a ½ million dollar grant to develop a new Forestry Master Plan.

In concert with this, the Davis Future Forum will host a talk and discussion on Forestry Master Plans on Monday, Oct 7th at 7pm in City Council Chambers.   It will feature Jeremy Klemic of SWA Associates, who guided the awarding winning plan for the SoCal City of Thousand Oaks.  In addition. there will be a response panel of local tree leaders.  

The talk will discuss how we need to stop viewing trees as just aesthetic “nice to have” but as important part of a complete-multi-modal street, and how we need to mobilize neighborhoods and homeowner in not just insulating attics and install solar power, but being more tree-aware.

The talk is free, but space could be limited. Please sign up in advance at Eventbrite

Davis Futures Forum is a collaboration of experts from the community and UC Davis, supported in part by the City of Davis. The group has brought nationally known speakers to Davis to share cutting edge ideas on how we plan Davis’s Future.


Ron O

And yet, Davis is on the brink of eliminating "the claw", which will impact the ability to maintain trees that the city does not.

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