City-County-UCD 2X2X2 “Town Hall” meeting Thursday Oct. 17th 6:30pm -8pm at Genome Center on UCD campus
30 years of beer: Sudwerk celebrates community on Oct. 26

40th Anniversary Celebration of the Blue Mango Cooperative Restaurant & Coffeehouse


A 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Blue Mango Cooperative Restaurant & Coffeehouse will take place at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second Street, on Saturday, October 19, 2019, from 6pm until 10pm. A group of founding members are hosting a Vegetarian Potluck and Live Music to accompany a reunion of workers, musicians, artists and community members commemorating the Blue Mango (1979-1994). For information or to RSVP contact *

The Blue Mango Cooperative was incorporated as a workers cooperative on August 24, 1979, by a group of Davis residents associated with the Fly By Night Dance & Music Troupe (1978-1980). The Blue Mango Restaurant & Coffeehouse opened on October 19, 1979, and became a cultural institution over the next fifteen years, employing hundreds of worker-owners, serving nutritious vegetarian cuisine (mostly organic when organic food was a novelty), and providing a lively venue for hundreds of musicians, artists and activists. The collective defined its purpose as promoting nourishment, consciousness and creativity.

Musicians playing at the event are primarily those who began their musical careers on the Blue Mango Restaurant & Coffeehouse stage. The Rural Sophisticates, performing jazz & dance music of the 1920s & 1930s, was formed in 1981 as a merging of the first Blue Mango house band (Ken Kemmerling, Julie Partansky, Tom Arons, Keith Cary & Bill Cavins) with two Cheap Suit Serenaders (R. Crumb & Bob Armstrong). Heidi Bekebrede became the featured vocalist in 1985, and Ted Fontaine and Bill Scholer later joined as replacements for Cary and Crumb. (Arons, Crumb and Partansky will not be attending the October 19 event, other than in spirit.)

Bill Scholer and Jan Peters, who went on to become distinguished professional musicians, were prominent at the Blue Mango Coffeehouse and Alley Dances in the mid- to late 1980s. The Bill Scholer & Jan Peters Reunion Band will close the show on October 19, and will also be featured on the previous evening, October 18, 6-9pm, at a special music concert honoring the Blue Mango, hosted by KDRT 95.7 FM. This event will be held on the patio of Parkside Davis at 330 G Street, the original site of the Blue Mango Restaurant. A portion of Friday evening's proceeds will be donated to KDRT, as part of the 2019 Fall Fundraising events celebrating 15 years of grassroots community radio.

MUSIC LINEUP October 19, 2019, 6-10pm:

Percussion Ensemble
Ken Kemmerling, Donna Jury, David Carey, Geoffrey Pike, Bob Wren & Ron Goldberg

Zapato Viejo Trio
David Campos, Ted Vega & Eric Labolle

The Rural Sophisticates Reunion
Bob Armstrong, Keith Carey, Ken Kemmerling, Bill Cavins & Heidi Bekebrede with Skip Simmons, Charlie Walter & Casey MacGill

The New Yolano Novelty Orchestra
Geoff Antipa, Alex Antipa, Dick Livingston & Bob Armstrong

Bill Scholer - Jan Peters Reunion Band
Bill Scholer, Jan Peters, Steve O'Neill & Bart Van Der Zeeuw
with special musical guests!


Bob Wren and Donna Jury were in-house musicians at the Blue Mango from 1984 to 1994, playing as Windows, performing Baroque & folk music on Tuesday evenings, and International music on Sunday evenings to accompany the Sunday International Dinners, cuisine and music from over 32 countries.

David Carey was an original Fly By Night musician, along with Ken Kemmerling, in 1978. He played drums in a jazz quartet with Kemmerling, Julie Partansky and Tom Arons on the opening night of the Blue Mango Coffeehouse on October 19, 1979.

Bill Cavins was proprietor of The Ganesh Fix-It Shop from 1973 to 2015. He was a principal dancer, along with leader Phil Gross, in the Fly By Night Dance Troupe (1978-1980), and a cosigner of the incorporation papers of the Blue Mango Cooperative Inc, serving as interim president of the board of directors. Bill was guest editor of the 1981 Aprils Fools edition of the Winds of Change monthly newspaper (1979-1984) when he was recruited to play at a benefit for the paper with the Winds of Change All-Stars on Spring Equinox, 1981, at the Winters Firehouse. The Winds of Change All-Stars became the Rural Sophisticates.

David Campos emigrated to this country from Mexico and found a welcoming home in Davis and the Blue Mango. He played music there, billed as "Roots Music". David is a founding member of the Latin and World band Zapato Viejo, performing Latin American songs with traditional and contemporary instruments.

Bob Armstrong is a multi-instrumentalist and a noted artist and cartoonist. He was a founding member of the Cheap Suit Serenaders, along with R. Crumb, in the mid-1970s. He was the leader of Bo Trong and the Thin Men from Venus, formed in 1987 with four of the original Rural Sophisticates.

Skip Simmons is a world-renown expert repairman of vintage amps (Skip Simmons Amp Repair) and was the drummer with Bo Trong and the Thin Men From Venus (1987-1994).

Charlie Walter plays clarinet and tenor saxophone with the New Harmony Jazz Band and the Jazz Quorum.

Casey MacGill is a multi-instrumentalist, well known as a master vintage jazz artist based in Seattle, performing authentic 1930s-style music on cornet, ukulele, piano and vocals.

Dick Livingston, jazz pianist extraordinaire, was a highly regarded civics teacher at Davis High School for many years, during which time he performed at the Blue Mango with the Dick Livingston Quartet, along with acclaimed musicians Chris Webster and Gordon Beadle (both DHS students at the time), Keith Cary and Rich Livingston. Dick was also the campaign manager for Julie Partansky's two successful Davis City Council campaigns, which culminated in Julie's term as Mayor of Davis in 1998 - 2000.

* The Odd Fellows will run a no-host, cash-only bar. Tip buckets will be available for donations to musicians and to defray costs of renting the hall.

Drawing by R. Crumb
Poster: Julie Partansky Star Candle-holder drawing by Dana Freeman;
Blue Mango logo design & sign by Ken Kemmerling


Below is a list of over 300 (!) music acts that played at the Blue Mango between 1979 and 1990. This was put together by Ken Kemmerling. THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE, so please let Ken know of other acts that performed there, especially after 1989. Thanks! 

Blue Mango Musicians Master List (partial)
1979 – 1990

A.J. Calder
Alan Emerson
Allen Barnes
Allen Barnes & Friends
Allen Barnes & Keith Cary
Alta Gray
Amy Allis (piano)
Andrew Corbett & Steve Schoenig
Andy Corbett (with Patrick Foley)
Andy Mendosa
Andy Pope (piano)
Ann Perich
Annie Grace (zither)
Anselm J. Feliciano
Anthony Castel (piano)
Ariel Paislie
Arline “Kaweah” Lemeschwsky
Atomic Blues Trio
Back Page
Back To Front
Band Of Gold (Ron Goldberg)
Barry Schultz & Friends
Beth Valentine
Betsy Wellings
Bill Fairfield & John Spurr
Bill Scholer
Bill Scholer Blues Band
Billy Innes
Blonde Street (Alta Grey & Scott B.)
Blue Jam
Blue Mango Revue
Bo Trong & the Thin Men from Venus
Bob Jester
Bob Wertzberger
Bodie Wagner
Bop:Be (Bill Hughes & Dave Webb)
Borra, Cary & Kaufman
Brenda Wagner (piano)
Brewers Yeast (Gordon Brewer Dixieland)
Burr Street
Butke & Butterfield
Carl Bulkin & Marina Staller
Carol Denny
Carol Tyler & Glenn Rice
Carolyn Chao
Carrie Crompton (dulcimer)
Cary, Campos & Carey
Casablanca Cowboys (F. Antaki, KK, T. Arons, P. Barry)
Catherine LeBlanc
Cathy Cowan
Cathy Markov
Charles Mitri
Charlie B.
Charlie Lee
Charlie Stanton
Chris Galvez
Chris Webster & Dick Livingston
Chuck & Robin
Clan Dyken
Classical Jazz Quartet
Clouds (Steve Lengle & Dan Valk)
Cold Shot Acoustic (Cool Shot)
Crystal Wind
Dale Will
Dan Dillon (piano)
Dana Robinson
Daniel Duffy
Dave & Fred
Dave Mitchell
Dave Rogers
Dave Theno
Dave Webb & the Intentions
Dave Webb (piano)
Dave Weingast (piano/vocal)
David Campos
David Dupre & Steve Ekstrom
David Roche
Davis Heat (w/Di Patterson, Sean Feder et al)
Derwin Coan
Diane Patterson
Dick Livingston (piano)
Dick Livingston Band
Dijkstra & Hansen
Douglas Dopkins
Dusky Lorey
Ed Lastra
Eddie English
Eddie Williams
Edwin Harris
Ellen Clark
Empty Pockets Blues Band
Eric Ahrens & Ed Fargas
Eric Ahrens & Scott Polard
Eric Park
Eric Paul Schaffer
Fiddle Dusters
Flammable Mammals
Flute Trios
Francesca Reitano
Freelance (Bop:Be, M. Welsh)
Full House
Gaby Lewin
Gary Dolinsky (British)
Gary Pinkis & Friends
Gary Saylin (Village Vanguard)
Geoff Pike (piano)
Geoffrey Bond
George & Marion’s All-Souls Revue
George Robinson
Gerard (French ballads)
Glenn Rice & Julie Partansky
Glenn Rice (piano)
Gordon Beadle, Keith Cary & Friends
Grant Lewis
Greg & Stan Johnson
Greg Areissman
Gyorgy Vass
Hal Morton
Hank Hamilton
Harmonic Tremors
Hash & Biscuits
Hawkeye & Mary B.
Hawks & Eagles (Jim & Nancy Borsdorf)
Heart & Sole
Heidi Bekebrede & Ken Kemmerling
Holdstock & MacLeod
Hurricane Sam’s Piano Madness
Indiana Norm & the Last Serenade
Interplay (Denise & Phil Kaufman)
The Islands
James Rote
Jan Peters
Jan Peters & Friends
Jan Peters & Neil Kohler
Jan Peters & Rob Ickes
Jane Boltinhouse & Brooks Poston
Jane, Debbie & Greg
Jazz Men (WP, SR, TH, JP)
Jeanne Johnson
Jeff Spencer
Jessica Williams (piano)
Jesus Suiz
Jill Peterson
Jim DeMartin
John Doe
John St.Pierre
Johnny Guitar Knox
Joseph Brown (piano)
Judy Fjell
Judy Friedman
Julie & Sam (trumpet & accordion)
Julie Partansky & Windows
Julie Partansky & Zella Bleyhl
Julie Partansky (flute)
Just Friends
Karen Hunt & Co.
Kashiwagi Jazz Trio
Katherine Fitzgerald (guitar)
Katherine Heusner (violin)
Kathy Kelley
Katie Blithedale
Keith Cary & David Carey
Keith Cary & Dick Livingston
Ken Kemmerling & Friends
Ken Kemmerling & Steve Roland
Ken Kemmerling (piano)
Ken Sakura
Ken Sakura & Ed Aranda
Kerstin Ruprecht
Kilgore Trout
Kith & Kin
Leon & Phil
Lesley Bearden
Little Moses & the Light Wings
The Lunatones (KK, Julie P, T. Arons, D. Carey, K. Cary)
Lynn & Lavinia
Lynn Vidal
Madalyn Minch
Maggie White
Mandy Woods
Maria Elena
Mark Detweiler
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Trio
Mark Levy
Mark Roberts (Spanish guitar)
Mark, Greg & Bill
Marshall McKitrick
Martha Kennedy & Kim Vruwink
Martin & Scott
Mary Canote
Mary Palumbo
Mashalla Dancers
Melinda Welsh
Melinda Welsh & Dave Webb
Mike Elfant
Mike Henderson Blues Band
Modern Man
Modern Man & the Slaves of Rhythm
Moonlight Serenaders
Mother Logo
Nancy Brennan Strange
Nate Shiner & Gisele Moore
New Mango Samba Ensemble
New Yolano Novelty Orchestra
No Strings Attached
Norm Milstein & Peter Franklin
Norm Milstein & Steve Thorpe
Norm Riley
Not A Lobster
Occasional Blues Band
Open Mike
The Overtones
Paul Sedgwick (banjo)
Paul Young (piano)
Peace of Mind
Peter Dyer
Peter Dyer & Katherine Gardner
Phil Jones
Poetic Justis (McLean & Justis)
Primitive Blues Trio
Quatre Voix
Raphael Moore & Allison Woodruff
Ray Ernst
Rhythm Addicts
Rich & Gaby
Richard “Tofu” Wellington
Richard Darsie
Richard Ovelas
Rio Thing
Robbie Fuller
Robert Elliot
Robert Kelly
Robert Kuhlman
Robert VanDerZee
Robin Chandler & Mary Barnett
Roland Hopper Band
Ron Goldberg
Roz & Scott
Russ Townsley
Scholer, Payan & Fontaine
Scholer, Payan & Lewis
Scott Berenson
Scott Berenson & Peter Kett
The Snaptones (KK, Julie Partansky & friends)
Space Debris
Stephan Holland
Steve LaVine
Steve Lengle
Steve Lengle & Friends
Steve Lengle & Jed Downhill
Steve McLane (McLean)
Steve Montgomery
Steve Solari & Bernie Bang
Steven Fisher
Straight, No Chaser
Strictly Roots
Strum-boli Brothers (Rick Montgomery & Joe Craven?)
Stu Lord & Laurie Roth
Susan Woolomes & Carrie Smith
Swift & Blue
Syd Cushman
T.K. Cast
Tad Toomey
Terry Silver
The Casablanca Band (Roland, Hopper & Kemmerling)
Thomas Goodlunas & John Reitz
Tim & Greg
Tim Lerch (guitar)
Todd McKay
Tom & Rise Kwake
Tom Kwake
Tommy & Margaret
Tony Underwood (piano)
Touch of Class
Townsley, Sevin & Mahrer
Tracy Caton & Simone Ramel
Tropicana All-Stars (Julie Partansky, KK, Tom Arons, Bill Cavins, Keith Cary & Dave Carey)
Two Named Boy
Ty Chanson
Village Drummers
The Village Vanguard (Gary Saylin)
Walter Pope (piano)
Walter Pope w/ Special Guests
Webster, Livingston & Beadle
William Mylar
Windows (Bob & Donna Wren)
Wolfgang Winds
Women Go Wild!
Wonderful Broken Thing
Yolano Cello Stompers
Yolo Loco String Band (Alan Barnes, Doug Kauffman, Craig Thomsen & Keith Cary)
Yolo String Band



Jed Downhill
Russell St.Clair
Maliwal Goforth
Neil Koehler (2-84)
Jessica Brown (7-84)
Diane Patterson (7-87)

International Cuisine Series with
Windows (partial list 1987-88)
music from:

Shakespearean England
South America
West Indies
Native American
Middle East
Southeast Asia


Gloria Scott

Blue Mango was an inspired restaurant and venue. It was where my niece, Savannah Scott, made her impromptu singing debut when she was about 3 years old, singing kid songs and taking requests from the audience. She went on to perform with Davis Musical Theater, the Chautauqua Playhouse, and performed locally in light opera. Currently, she is in her final year in the Louisiana State University opera program. And to think, her beautiful soprano voice was first heard publicy at Blue Mango. Thank you for giving a very young Savannah a chance, and for all the years of wonderful food and music.

John St. PIerre

Our folk band performed several times at Blue Mango. Traveling Light and perhaps earlier as Oasis. Beth Valentine was a super vocalist, guitar player, and composer.
Jim Malloy( played flute, guitar, sang, and also composed. I, John St. Pierre( Traveling Light CD) played guitar, sang, and composed.
Those were great days. We loved playing, eating, and, meeting the good people there. I believe we performed there in the early 80's. We all lived in Sacramento and performed at many places including Cal-Expo Fair. Jim and Beth have a music video on Youtube, may be hard to find. Ask Jim. He has directions.
Namaste Shanti
John St. Pierre

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