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Fine food and fun at the StrEatery

Can this be a quarterly event?

By Roberta Millstein

On Thursday evening, the Davis Food Co-op and Land & Ladle, in partnership with COOL Cuisine Davis, put on an event dubbed the StrEatery, held adjacent to the Co-op on 6th St. About a dozen food trucks were there, offering cuisines ranging from Mexican to Filipino to Hawaiian and more. Beer and wine were also available.

What follows are some photos and my idiosyncratic impressions from the event. I'm sure others had different experiences, and I encourage them to share those in the comments.

But my main question is, when do we do this again?  There were too many good choices and only so much room in my stomach!  Maybe this should be a quarterly event?

We arrived a little before 6 PM.  There was already a pretty good crowd:



There were also some nice tunes, from Boca do Rio:


It was very hard to choose a main dish, so I tried to get something that I don't normally eat. That turned out to be vegetable lumpia (on left) and pancit (on right) from the Filipino Food Truck, MaSarap (both vegan):


These were both excellent – very flavorful and fresh.

My partner tried a fried chicken sandwich from Smokers Wild BBQ - I didn't get a snapshot of it, but I did get a few bites, so I can attest to its tastiness. Here is the truck:


We managed to get some bites of the pizza from Upper Crust Baking and pronounced it delicious, especially for those of us who love thin crust. We hope that they are able to make this a regular item at the bakery.


Dessert was equally hard to choose, so we split a churro with whipped cream and chocolate sauce from Puros Churros, ably made by our own Mayor Pro Tem, Gloria Partida:


It disappeared far too quickly to even think about getting a picture of it. My partner declared, "I am going to get one of their churros every time I see them in the future."

Speaking of Council members, Mayor Brett Lee was also spotted enjoying a coconut drink from Zumapoke & Lush Ice:


After the churro, some vegan gelato from Conscious Creamery was consumed:


It was very creamy. I didn't miss the dairy at all in the hazelnut dipped in chocolate with toasted hazelnuts.

And, just in case that wasn't enough gluttony for one evening, we took home a couple of dipped apples from Applesbyterri:


The samples we had were very promising, so we look forward to enjoying them another day. Meanwhile, Terri told us that her apples can now be purchased from the Upper Crust Bakery, so if you missed out, it's not too late!

As you can see, we stuffed ourselves pretty well even as there were many things we wanted to try but couldn't. But of course, we were not alone in enjoying ourselves. It was a fun event and nice to run into some friends, too, Davis being Davis.





Alan Pryor

I didn't hear about the StrEatery but would love to have attended. Perhaps the Davisite could put out a notice before the next event. Or are there any good community event calendar boards where this type of information is posted?

Roberta L. Millstein

Hi Alan,

We did share the Facebook event on our Facebook page (located at, a good way to follow us), but I recognize that not everyone is on Facebook. We share all of the event/press releases that are sent to us, but the StrEatery one was not sent to us.

Maybe I am a little overly cautious about not posting things that I have not been given permission to post, but I'd rather err that way then the other way.

For that matter, we're happy to post op eds/letters/thoughts/pictures that are sent to us, too. ;)

So, send us your stuff! :)


Todd Edelman

That all sounds delicious and $$$, but I'm not clear if people recognize that temporary food truck events are fulfilling a desire that's utterly more pleasant and environmentally-sustainable in a densely-populated area with a real HUMAN-oriented public square and businesses like this that - based in small but permanent premises, could succeed on a daily basis. I'm not clear that this is the mission of the organizers.

Last night was just as car-intensive as any event in bike-friendly Davis with "free" car parking. There was a very full bike valet, but for some reason it was across the street, whereas it should have been closer than than the car parking. (It also parked dozens of bikes in the space of just a few cars.) Many evenings are a automobile-intensive hell in Downtown, and perhaps this doesn't really stand out, but if we owned buses that took younger kids to school we could also use them for events like this. Or our current bus operators could run extra services. So this means "no free parking, we are providing buses that circulate around town" rather than the soft suggestions for the event to ride one's bike or park two blocks away.

Though the food was likely better than in similar events, in the end it was in a converted street and parking lot with a lot of noise from food trucks... so to my first point, we need to use events like this to stimulate the creation of a real city center and square, designed for conviviality, with robust alternatives to private cars... walking, buses and bikes of course but also autonomous shuttles from peripheral parking lots focused on out-of-towners.

Lorin Kalisky

It was a really nice first StrEatery event — very community oriented, warm and friendly environment, and at a perfect scale. It will be great to do more like this. Any “Davis” problems/challenges will find “Davis” solutions. We’re usually pretty good at that.

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