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Big 5G decision at Jan 28 City Council meeting

City Receives 5G Cease and Desist Letter

5 G towerThe Davisite has been provided the below letter dated December 24, 2019 demanding the City of Davis "cease and desist from processing applications and issuing encroachment permits pertaining to 4G and 5G "small wireless telecommunications facilities and from any installation and operations thereof." 

The letter was sent to the City of Davis by the law firm of Pollock & James,LLP on behalf of "the Davis Anti-5G Microwave Network."

The letter states that it is the 3rd notification since November 2019 and claims the City of Davis, "has been receiving a steady stream of applications from telecommunications industries to install and operate."

The letter included a copy of D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in case No.18-1129 that is linked here.

Davis Cease and Desist Ltr_Page_01

Download Entire 5G Letter

Davis Cease and Desist Ltr_Page_04

Download Full US Court of Appeals Decision







ron glick

The appellate decision cited is about process. Although I'm not a lawyer I didn't see any conclusions about health effects.

Susan Brinchman

All Davis residents should become more informed about the major hazards of the new 5G infrastructure consisting of very close proximity wireless "small cells", both 4G and 5G (microwave and millimeter microwave frequencies known to cause severe harm to living beings.) The city of Davis has a responsibility to the residents to protect their interests, not the interests of "Big Wireless" (which is currently using the playbook of "Big Tobacco") www.electrosmogprevention.org for more info. Tell the city you refuse to allow small cells in residential areas or where children or any people congregate. Tell the city they must cease and desist from approval of all small cell applications within city limits. Don't take no for an answer!

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