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Rochelle Swanson: Unrelenting Advocate for South Davis

The March 3 primary brings an extremely important decision for voters and I encourage folks to complete their entire ballot. Jim Provenza is seeking re-election to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, District 4, and I endorse him without reservation. Here’s why:

EnterprisePic (4) - cropSouth Davis has been underrepresented for years and the move to district elections for City Council only intensifies this problem. All the while, Jim’s advocacy on our behalf has been unrelenting. He knows the issues, addresses the problems even when it means he must oppose strong interests, and is often our sole voice. We cannot afford to lose his expertise and experience.

Like others, I’m eager to see more women in elected office, but not at the expense of someone who has served women and families so well. I ask voters to study his record because it is truly exceptional and exceeds the contributions of most elected officials, regardless of their gender.

I also appreciate Jim's support for economic development. He understands that it can be very difficult to find a good job in Davis. I was particularly impressed by his sponsorship of a Board of Supervisor's measure that requires local public works projects to include apprenticeship programs. These programs are a path to high paying jobs in the building trades. As well, Jim works closely with local business leaders and is always responsive to their concerns.

Now more than ever we need honesty, integrity and a record of success in leadership. We have all of that and more in Jim Provenza. Please join me in supporting him.

Rochelle Swanson, former Davis City Councilwoman


Holly Kim

If you look at Jim’s linked in. He was the special assistant district attorney in Los Angeles County while he was working as the Yolo County Supervisor. With benefits the supervisor job pays more than $100,000 per year. I prefer the supervisor representing me work in my county if they feel the need to have another job. Linda Deos through her leadership and volunteer services on the Yolo County Health Council, Yolo Basin Foundation, Davis Utilities Commission and the Cannabis Business Tax Citizen’s Advisory Committee has shown her dedication and sincere desires to help our community. Linda Deos is aware of the struggles faced by the most vulnerable in our community. Personally I feel Linda is the best and most dedicated candidate for the job. And we need fresh new ideas and vision to solve our issues. Many people thought Don Saylor was their Supervisor from district 4. Perhaps that’s why Don Saylor is endorsing Linda Deos. This is about who is the best qualified and dedicated. That is why I voted for Linda Deos.

Colin Walsh

I looked at Jim’s LinkedIn and it does not say this at all. This is a ridiculous and desperate accusation by the Deos campaign.
Also, Holly are you saying Linda is going to give up her legal practice as county supervisor? I haven’t seen that weird campaign promise anywhere in her literature.

Eileen Samitz

Holly Kim,

It is disappointing to see you are continuing to spread misinformation and disinformation about Jim Provenza who has served us so well every year he has been on the Yolo County Supervisorial Board. It is clear that you are part of the Linda Deos campaign and your negative attacks with your nonsense like this do not reflect well on you, Linda Deos, and her campaign.

First of all Jim, like the majority of the County Supervisors, had a job which he retired from 6 years ago 2016. He worked at the Capital here in Sacramento as legal counsel representative for the L.A. district, so he lived in Davis the entire time for that public service job. He worked 70+ hours a week generally which took time from his family and even weekends to fulfill his work duties for both jobs and he in fact has always done an exceptional job as our County Supervisor. This is why he has so much support running for re-election.

Further, in regard to volunteerism, Jim serves on more than 30 committees and commissions currently and in past years. Check out the list of them on the Yolo County website where the list of committees and committees https://www.yolocounty.org/home/showdocument?id=7263

Holly Kim, you have been called out on your negative attacks, your gender politics and your attempts to spread misinformation and disinformation via trolling attempts like this. You tried this stunt on nextdoorneighbor and you got plenty of push back from residents fed up with your nonsense.

Yet, you have learned nothing as you continue trying this desperate and inappropriate behavior that everyone is disgusted with including harassing a local business with your verbal outbursts in their store three times so far in the last month now just because they have a sign posted supporting Jim.

All you are doing is alienating people and damaging your reputation and the Deos campaign with your desperate actions to try to help the Deos campaign.

Ron O

I thought it was pretty cool that Rochelle Swanson (whom I may not have always agreed with, during her time on the council) came out in support of Provenza.

Overall, it seems like Provenza has a broad range of support.

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