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Valley Clean Energy Seeks Local Renewable Contracts

VCE(From press release) Valley Clean Energy has announced that it plans to purchase renewable energy from qualifying local projects. The solicitation, “2020 Local Renewable Request for Offers,” is now public and can be found on VCE’s website at

As the name implies, the solicitation is focused on procuring energy produced very close to where it will be used — in Yolo County or the six adjacent counties.

This local request for offers is consistent with VCE board direction and the agency’s vision to pursue procurement of cost-effective local renewable energy. The solicitation also aligns with VCE’s procurement goals, which seek to provide 80 percent renewable energy by 2030, with up to 25 percent of that provided by local resources.

“In keeping with VCE’s focus to provide the benefits of clean energy to the communities we serve, our use of local sources will create an economic stimulus to the local economy,” said Don Saylor, VCE board chair and a Yolo County supervisor.

VCE is soliciting renewable projects that are cost-effective, provide local benefits, are located in environmentally suitable locations, and minimize the impacts on species, habitats, landscapes and agricultural lands.

Proposals will consist of generation or generation plus energy storage projects in the 2 to 25 MW range with a commercial operation date no later than Dec. 31, 2023, and contract terms of 10 to 20 years.

“VCE is committed to environmental sustainability and will actively pursue projects that minimize harm to the environment,” said Tom Stallard, a VCE board member and a Woodland City Council member. “We believe we will find some viable projects close to home, from which our customers will receive direct benefits.”

About VCE: Valley Clean Energy is a not-for-profit public agency formed in June 2018 to provide electrical generation service to customers in Woodland, Davis and the unincorporated areas of Yolo County. The city of Winters is VCE’s newest member. VCE’s mission is to source cost-competitive clean electricity while providing product choice, price stability, energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emission reductions and reinvestment in the communities we serve.


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