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Wow! They are going to test everybody in LA!!

Yolo County - UCD COVID-19 planning needed now

By Eileen M. Samitz

I, like many, are grateful to hear that Yolo County has recently required face coverings for the public including essential workers. Many Davis residents have been requesting it, so appreciation goes to Yolo County Health Officer Dr. Ron Chapman for implementing this new face coverings policy.

However, I am very concerned about the County’s current plan of how overspill from our two local hospitals would be handled should we have a COVID-19 “surge” locally. As things stand now, overspill patients from our small Sutter-Davis (48 beds) and Woodland (156 beds) hospitals would be sent to Sleep Train Arena (formerly Arco Arena) in Sacramento. Since we only have these two small hospitals in Yolo County, and although some extra capacity has been planned, it is very possible we would exceed that limited capacity. Davis alone has over 69,000 residents and Yolo County has over 220,000 residents.

The current plan means that hospital overspill of Davis and other Yolo County residents would be sent to Sleep Train Arena, and housed on cots with ineffective, if any barriers, between hundreds of other sick patients including all the Sacramento County residents it would be trying to attend to as well. Isolation between patients would be difficult and, how would bathroom accommodations be handled for all these sick patients? Bedpans? Porta-potties?

An obvious question is why only is this regional plan being counted on, instead of using UCD vacant student housing on the UCD campus like Gov. Newsom is planning with UCLA? How many Davis and other Yolo County residents who were sick with COVID-19 would opt to be in a huge arena setting, rather than having bathroom facilities and more containment between patients like on the UCD campus? So, why is local hospital overspill planning not being explored here in Yolo County at UCD like UCLA? (See: https://dailybruin.com/2020/03/22/ucla-may-convert-campus-facilities-to-hospitals-for-covid-19-patients-if-needed/)

I encourage residents who want this to happen, please email Dr. Chapman, our Yolo County Supervisors and City Council and ask them to start planning with UCD to use their vacant student housing on-campus like UCLA in case it’s needed for hospital overspill, and/or quarantine space. Their email addresses are ron.chapman@yolocounty.org,  clerkoftheboard@yolocounty.org and CityCouncilmembers@cityofdavis.org


Lauren Ayers

What if COVID-19 is not caused by a virus, or has other major causes not yet recognized by most public health professionals?

COVID-19 symptoms overlap with the symptoms of excessive exposure to wireless frequencies. Anyone who can dig past the "community standards" put in place by Telecom will find those symptoms:
* Headaches to the point of intolerability
* Respiratory distress
* Severe fatigue
* Dry cough
* High susceptibility to infection

Wuhan was the first 5G city in China. That, plus the very polluted air of that city, would make the population more sensitive to a virus. Or those people might have gotten sick without any viral factor at all. We don't know. The problem is that anyone who brings up the problems with 5G is censored as being a conspiracy theorist, so there is no investigation.

But it’s entirely reasonable to question the safety of 5G when you learn that Lloyd’s of London, one of the largest insurers in the world, which often takes on risks that no other insurers will, stated on February 18, 2015, through their agent CFC Underwriting LTD:
“The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionising radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage.”

Some months ago a number of us spoke to the City Council about the hazards of 5G, and provided ample citations for our concerns, but they went along with President Trump's clarion call to Win the Race to 5G.

Eileen samitz


Thanks for this but they have isolated and identified the COVID-19 virus which is causing the current pandemic.

Tia Will


While I agree with you it is important to access all factors in drawing conclusions about a pandemic, I have a few questions for you.
1. Do you believe there is not a causal virus for COVID-19? Or do you believe 5G is solely responsible?
2. If the latter, do you believe the same of the 1918 "flu epidemic"? Or HIV, or Ebola, or SARS or MERS, or Zika? Were all misdiagnosed, or just COVID-19.
3. How would you explain the presence of COVID-19 in areas that do not have 5G?

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