This came in the email at 5:48 PM yesterday
Council sub-committee rejects re-appointment of all three No on B Commissioners

Holiday travel advice from ABC News..... a particularly good segment

Hey Folks,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  (Or even a mediocre one, beats "regular Thursday").  

This morning I got up surprisingly early to hear the 7 a.m version of network news, tuning into ABC because they seem to provide more scientific and less hysterical coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.

And they did not disappoint.  They had a very good segment on traveling during a pandemic, recommending getting tested about 4 days after your likely CV exposure and getting tested multiple times to establish a monitoring protocol that deals with the occasional "false negative".  

Speaking of multiple tests, I have been tested 11 times.  Why?  I understand the value of tests.  And again, they do not have to be perfect tests to be useful tests!  There is basically no such thing as the perfect biological test, so get used to dealing with "really good but not perfect" tests.

BTW, I have tested NEGATIVE all 11 times.  Do you suppose that I have more useful information than someone who has not been tested at all?  (If you are going to comment, please do your homework, I am not real patient with casual commentary that is misleading, sometimes deliberately... especially during a public health emergency).

Anyway, here is the ABC segment..... you might want to share it with "a friend" or "your crazy relative" who chose to travel during this Thanksgiving holiday despite warnings not to from every public health authority in the country:

Take care,



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