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Public health innovation in the Bay Area or is it mainly cultural competence?

No information on contact tracing on the Yolo County COVID-19 Dashboards. Or did I miss it?

Dear Folks,

Good evening!  I am trying to prepare for the Yolo County Health Council meeting which starts at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning so I hit the Yolo County Coronavirus Dashboards: https://www.yolocounty.org/health-human-services/adults/communicable-disease-investigation-and-control/novel-coronavirus-2019/dashboard-and-documents to see what I could find on contact tracing.

Why look up contact tracing?  According to this UC Davis Health piece on Coronavirus (https://www.yolocounty.org/health-human-services/adults/communicable-disease-investigation-and-control/novel-coronavirus-2019/dashboard-and-documents) I should be VERY interested in this activity because: "Contact tracing is crucial part of good public health."

OK, so what did I find about contact tracing in Yolo County on the Yolo Dashboards?  Um......Zilch.  Nada.  Bupkis.  Oh, my!

That's disappointing.  

I have also learned recently that the Yolo County Health Department does not track "gross hits" on the Coronavirus Website, nor where people go on the website.  In essence, the County currently seeks no information on what topics are of interest to the public trying to use the county's website.

We're 10 months in to this pandemic.  Is it reasonable to expect better data from the County?  I think so.  Other counties have at least some basic information.  Here's the link for Santa Clara County's "COVID-19 Case Investigation and Contact Tracing Dashboard":   https://www.sccgov.org/sites/covid19/Pages/dashboard-contact-tracing.aspx

Let's follow (closely) the leaders and improve the data we are providing to the public and to providers, too.  This contact tracing information is crucial.  Perhaps the continuous enhancement of the dashboards is part of Yolo's "Master Plan for Coronavirus."  

Which reminds me:  Does Yolo County have an existing "Master Plan for Coronavirus" that the County is using to guide our coronavirus efforts???  If it does, can we all see it?  In an accessible, understandable format?






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