Do you know the "who" in public health in Yolo County?
Excellent new video communication from the Yolo County Health Officer, Dr. Aimee Sisson explaining what's what....

Who are those wonderful people who volunteer to be on the Health Council? Here's the list!

Dear Folks,

Well, they might be your neighbors!  Or your friends!  Or your co-worker!  Or someone you know from church/temple/mosque. Or someone you don't know yet but would like to know because they represent your district in Yolo County.  (Note:  Supervisors are elected from districts now and a specific set of Health Council Members are selected by the Supervisor to represent the public interest in their district.)

Here is a link to the roster from the Yolo County website (this website is chock full of good information, do you ever visit it?  I recommend it!)

BTW, I tried to copy and paste it below, but it did not come out so well.  That's after switching from the Safari browser to the Firefox browser, which yielded an improvement but it is still not that great.  Try the link, please. 

Don't forget, there is a Health Council meeting this Thursday morning and they will be discussing all things health related with a big dose of discussion on COVID-19.  The public is always welcome at Health Council meetings, but you may want to check with "your" representative on the Council before Thursday to see what's happening, how they plan to contribute this Thursday, etc.

And don't forget, property taxes are due that very same day.  Taxation AND representation.  That's the ticket!!






Health Council

This committee is the liaison between the Yolo County Board of Supervisors and health systems. It establishes and maintains the area-wide health planning and activities identifying health goals and needs of Yolo County. It aims to develop and improve health services in the county.

Public Law 93-641 Revised – County Code 2-2.101; Ordinance Nos. 771 (3/24/77), 1084 (11/22/88), 1169 (5/17/94); 1310 (10/21/03), 1429 (5/21/13)

Related County Department:

Staff Liaison:
Cyndi Sechler

Board of Supervisors representative: Supervisor Don Saylor Telephone: 530-666-8622 Email:

Makeup of membership: 25 voting members.

5: Members appointed by each Supervisor (Board Appointed)

3: At-Large members (Board appointed)

9: Members, one from each of the following health care systems: CommuniCare Health Centers, Elica Health Centers, Kaiser Permanente, Partnership Health Plan of California, Sutter Davis Hospital, UC Davis, Winters Health Care, Woodland Health Care, Northern Valley Indian Health Services

8: Members, one from each of the following County committees: Alcohol Drug & Mental Health Provider Stakeholder Group, Local Mental Health Board, Commission on Aging & Adult Services, First 5 Yolo, Future of the Safety Net Yolo County, Maternal Child & Adolescent Health Advisory Board, Yolo County Children’s Alliance, Emergency Medical Care Committee.

Membership terms: 2 year terms; commencing Feb 1

Frequency and time of meetings: Second Thursday of the month from 9-11 a.m. in the Gonzalez

Building at 25 N. Cottonwood Street in Woodland



Health and Human Services Agency

Telephone: Email:


Current Committee membership and terms:
Member Alternate District/Category VACANT 1

Date Appointed


1/29/2019 12/17/2019 1/15/2019 03/10/2020 02/25/2020 1/28/2020

Expiration of Term

1/31/2021 1/31/2021 1/31/2021 1/31/2021 1/31/2021 1/31/2022 1/31/2022 1/31/2022

Michael Wilkes
Carri Ziegler
Barbara Boehler Valerie Olson
Michelle Famula
Pat Moore-Pickett John Tan
Permanent Members:


Dawn Myers

Celeste Armstrong Lori Duisenberg


Scott Hatcher Gina Daleiden

5 At-Large At-Large At-Large

ADMH Provider Stakeholder Work Group

Commission on Aging & Adult Services

EMCC First 5 Yolo



Jenna Shaw- Battista

Jose Ceja

James Glica- Hernandez Robin Affrime/Aileen Barandas

Jessica White


Arzoo Mojadedi/Brenda Wright


Tamara Powers


Stacey McCall Sherri Olswang

Future of the Safety Net MCAH Advisory Board
Yolo County Children’s Alliance Mental Health Board

CommuniCare Health Centers

Elica Health Centers Kaiser Permanente

Northern Valley Indian Health

Partnership HealthPlan


UC Davis

Winters Health Care Woodland Health Care

Kathleen Middings Jeneba Lahai Nicki King

Evan Priestley

Tatyana Bak Mark Ho

Chester Austin

Dustin Lyda Craig Blomberg


Chris Kelsch Tandy Burton

How to apply to be a member of this committee:

Individuals interested in serving on this advisory body may submit an application to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors’ Office, 625 Court Street, Room 204, Woodland, CA 95695 or by completing an application on our website at> Residents> Advisory Bodies. For more information please call the Clerk of the Board at (530) 666-8195.


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