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Happy 4th of July?

FlagBy Roberta Millstein

When I was growing up on the east coast, 4th of July was always a wonderful day.  My father, a WWII vet, loved fireworks and imparted that combination of awe, excitement, and patriotism to my sister and me.  We'd head to the next town over and stake out a position on the grass and wait for the amazing display from a barge on the river.  It was always over way too fast, the "big finale" being the part you looked forward to the most while knowing that it signaled the end.

Of course, I want everyone to have a good day.  I want children to have wonderful experiences like the one I was able to have as a child.  No one wants to be a killjoy.


I also want our celebration of the 4th of July to be a genuine one – that is, a celebration of freedom.

It's hard to feel free when 6 people are dead and more than 2 dozen hospitalized for the sin of attending a 4th of July parade, when mass shootings have become a daily event and our elected lawmakers fail to take action that would make a difference.

It's hard to feel free when 50% of the population has just been told that their bodies are not theirs to control, that the state can make one of the most fundamental and life-changing decisions for them.

It's hard to feel free when in the same decision, one of our Supreme Court justices threatens to eliminate the right for heterosexual couples to use contraception, the right for homosexual couples to have sex, and the right for gay people to get married.

It's hard to feel free when racially-motivated voter restriction laws have been passed across the country, preventing full participation in our democracy.

It's hard to feel free when Black Americans are incarcerated at nearly five times the rate of white Americans.

As civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer said, nobody’s free until everybody’s free.

Meanwhile, Davis's "celebration" continues as planned even with known harms of fireworks both for those who are attending and not attending, spewing toxic chemicals into the air,  triggering PTSD in humans, and scaring animals into bolting.

When is Davis going to have a more appropriate celebration, one that is healthy and recognizes the liberties we have as well as the liberties we still have to fight for?

When are we going to start fighting for our liberties?



Alan Charles Miller

I love fireworks; but I've seen way too many dogs running around on the streets of Davis after July 4th, and that stupid Davis City Day or whatever the f*ck that is. It's time for a spectacular drone show.

I don't know that we are truly free, but at least we are still independent of Great Britain! And that's what independence day is all about . . . :-|

Ron O

I like fireworks as well, but not the impact on pets. For that matter, it starts on the evenings BEFORE the 4th of July, these days (with illegal fireworks, as well).

Ultimately, fireworks are a celebration (and a representation) of war.

"The rocket's red glare, bombs bursting in air . . ."

And in the case of the founding of America, it was actually an "insurrection". (Of course, we don't look at it that way.)

I saw a drone show via a video, and was impressed.

Donna Lemongello

Yes, it is time for changes in how we celebrate the freedoms we have and keep fighting for the ones we have yet to gain, or even worse have now been lost. Traditions die hard, people are so stubborn. We happened to be in a neighborhood in Sacramento and the fireworks, of every level of sophistication, went on "forever", hours and hours, from private homes. What the hell! Unhealthy in so many ways for any breathing beings or ones who don't understand the noise and percussion. Preaching to the choir, I know.

Colin Walsh

I think reinventing the way we celebrate the 4th in Davis is a very good idea. The evidence of harm from the current practice is there. Good alternatives exist. Seems worth giving it a try.

Switching to a drone show is more likely to create opportunities for STEM internships than certain local ballot initiatives would have.


This needs to change.

Last night was insane. If the city-sponsored air and noise pollution wasn't enough, the "dispersed" illegal ones certainly were. We're all home sick trying to sleep. The dog is just TERRIFIED.

Yay freedom.


Love the fireworks and would be very sad to see them go. That said, they should be limited to 15 minutes on one day. It's the neighborhood pops that are problematic.


"Love the fireworks and would be very sad to see them go. That said, they should be limited to 15 minutes on one day. It's the neighborhood pops that are problematic."

I'm with Sharon here, a city controlled sponsored event with a duration of no more than 30 minutes and do what can be done about the neighborhood pops.

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