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Letter in support of Adam Morrill

10  reasons  to  not  support  any  current  city  council  member,  now  or  in  the  future!

Measure H mailer smlrBy Marc Thomas

The City Council is not aligned to resident and taxpayers interests as evidenced by:

1)  Failing their fiduciary responsibility and care and duty as council members. The entire city council, including Dan Carson and Gloria Partida, by their actions, have allowed the city budget/deficit to deteriorate to the point of “needing” special interests/developers to generate additional tax revenue. The current city council has enabled a loss of control of the budget by the residents and taxpayers, and is the result of mismanagement of the city budget by the current city council.

2)  Unanimously supporting DiSC 1 (as Measure B in 2020) and DiSC 2 (as Measure H in 2022). The entire city council, including Gloria and Dan, who are both up for reelection, continued to unanimously support developer growth despite being voted down (not just once, but twice) by the taxpayers and residents.

3)  Supporting excessive wages and overtime for various city functions to the tune of Millions. The entire city council, including Dan and Gloria, by their actions have failed to address the overtime and wage growth where the top 10 firefighters each earn over $385K  in pay and benefits in 2021, and the fire  chief was paid over $500K in 2021.

4)  Wasteful spending. Our entire city council, including Gloria and Dan, who are both up for re-election supported MACE mess, SkyTrack, Ladder truck project, fire station kitchen remodel, etc., adding up to millions of wasted taxpayer funds.

5)  The CAAP proposal and sham survey. The entire city council, including Gloria and Dan, who are both up for reelection, supported CAAP in its original form and the sham survey which was un-navigable by the average person. How did it get so far? The city council is out of touch with residents to even approve the draft’s release to the public.

6)  Failure to address root causes of homelessness. The entire city council, including Gloria Partida and Dan Carson, who are both up for reelection, have failed to adequately address the root causes of homelessness: lost jobs, addiction, mental issues, divorce/breakup, eviction, and family issues. For some reason, they believe that just taking the homeless off the street is the answer. It's not, note even close.


7)  Unanimously supporting false marketing claims for Measure H. In addition to the project not being aligned to taxpayer and resident interests as proven by a 2:1 vote, the developer-funded (almost $1 million) campaign was misleading and 100% voted on by all existing Davis City council members.


8)  Failing to publicly and unanimously condemn a council member (Dan Carson) for suing taxpayers and residents who objected to Measure H. Resident objections should be heard and listened to, not attacked by financial interests and developers. Council members should not be aligned to developer interests, Council members MUST be aligned to resident and taxpayer interests, with taxpayers and residents never sued for objecting to City councils members special interest.

9)  Failing to recognize the type and nature of crime in Davis and take appropriate action and use taxpayer money efficiently and effectively. Dan Carson, comparing Davis to El Paso, Gilroy and Dayton, supported the need to purchase a $120,000 armored vehicle for Davis where Carson added, “We see headlines in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. There’s very scary things going on out there.” We are not any of those cities, and our issues, our crime is far less severe and different. Davis' crime requires officers out policing the neighborhoods, more cameras installed and not an armored vehicle which will remain parked 99% of the time.

10) Continuing to support “politics as usual”, and failing to engage with the taxpayers on important issues. Had Dan or Gloria or any other city council member reached out to their constituents and or held neighborhood meetings to listen to the taxpayers and residents of their districts, CAAP never would have been proposed in the current form, and Measure H never would have been on the ballot with the City council's unanimous support!



Alan C. Miller

I can vibe with a lot of this, but #6 is a bit unfair, "Failure to address root causes of homelessness." I mean, most major cities have failed to address root causes of homelessness, because at the core they are not solvable at the city level, and when based in addiction are only solvable at the individual level, which not city can do anything about, other than steer them to services which they may or may not accept.

Crilly Butler

I couldn't agree more. Good people, for the most part, but who have failed Davis completely. They seem more interested in fluff than substance. The two current city council members who are up for election need to go!

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