Letter: Adam Morrill will change things for the better
7 California Propositions to Vote On by November 8

Vote Kelsey Fortune to End Davis Council Districts

I am voting for Kelsey Fortune. That is, I would if Davis didn’t have district elections.

If you’re a student you should vote for Kelsey Fortune. Make a special effort to vote, because as a student you’ll be represented by someone who was recently at UCD and understands your interests.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.02.38 PM

If you are a renter you should vote for Kelsey Fortune. She is renter herself, and renters, though 55% of Davis, are rarely represented on the City Council. Renters and young adults — you should be represented!

If you like representatives who are not swayed by special interest money, vote Fortune. Unlike her opponents, she took no money from the firefighters union, nor did they offer. Did they know she would not buy them a new firetruck for Christmas?

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.02.23 PM

If you like independent thinkers, vote Fortune. Many people like a predictable pro-growth or anti-growth vote . Fortune considers each project on its own merit. That is my kind of candidate.

If you like someone who isn’t part of the ‘Davis machine’ vote Fortune. One of her opponents had their photo taken with two current and one former Council member, smiling ear to ear. Is that photo supposed to impress me? Rather, that image spooks me. I don’t want more of the same -- I want a fresh thinker.

Ask yourself: why has the Davis City Council denied Fortune a seat on any City commission, commissions representing the very subjects Fortune is educated in with advance degrees? [Economics & Transportation] Maybe the other Council members are afraid of her savvy. Maybe they should be. Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.03.03 PM

Most importantly, Fortune is the only candidate openly calling for discussions on a process to end district elections. If there is one subject every person in Davis agrees on, it is putting an end to Davis Council districts.

If you live in District 1, please vote for Kelsey Fortune — so that in the future, all Davis voters can vote for Kelsey Fortune!

Alan C. Miller


Ron O

Nice letter.

The author's name at the end surprised me. :-)

Roberta L. Millstein

Thanks, Alan, for naming some of the elephants in the room.


Great letter. If there was a way to grab the college vote, that would be great. Since I can’t vote for her, I voted with my dollars. She’s the kind of person we need counteracting the machinery cogs sitting on the council at present.

Peter Buggy

Such a great letter. Thank you for sharing your thoughts which are widely shared. I also can’t vote in Kelsey’s district so voted with $$$. Not only are her positions sound and logical from a policy perspective but Kelsey is a true breath of fresh air and brings a fresh and needed perspective to the Council.

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