First Countywide High School Youth Voter Registration Drive
It was an April Fool’s kind of week in Davis this week

Letter: Francesca is Wright for the City Council

Dear Davis Citizens,

In the upcoming Davis City Council Election please vote for Francesca Wright.

Two months ago, in her pursuit of input on affordable housing Francesca sought out my perspective.

I was pleased to share my experience and hear of her passion and plans to address affordable housing.

Francesca seems even-keeled, thoughtful and interested in the opinions of others. She has a long history of successful organizational activity on behalf of needed community solutions.

The city has to face some critical structural issues and I trust that Francesca has the competency, courage and common sense to tackle them head on.

She's Wright for the job.

David J Thompson


Roberta L. Millstein

I have only been semi-following the campaign, but what this letter says resonates with my experience. Francesca made a point of reaching out to me more than once, even knowing that we don't always agree on things. I haven't heard anything from Donna. Now, of course, no one is obligated to contact me, especially since I am not in their district, but perhaps that I was part of a successful campaign to defeat DISC, that I was sued by a (now former) city councilmember, and that I co-run this blog might be at least some reason to get in touch. Apparently, Francesca thought so, and I very much appreciated the gesture. It says to me that she genuinely does want to listen to all opinions.

Ron O

Roberta: Getting sued by a developer-minded council member definitely provides some credibility regarding commitment, in my view.

Alan C. Miller

Maybe we can have a contest to see who in town can get sued by the most City Council-members.

Roberta L. Millstein

Having been through it once, I would not recommend it.

Todd Edelman

Was Robb Davis's pledge to not run for a second term made before he was elected for the first one?

Curious what Wright thinks about that....

Roberta L. Millstein

Not that I recall, Todd. What does that have to do with Francesca?

Sharla Cheney

I live in the District but campaigning is pretty quiet. Donna Neville’s campaign did leave an invitation to a gathering in Chestnut Park, but I was out of town and missed it. Friends held a backyard party for Wright, but, again, I was out of town. There are lots of letters and endorsements from people who live outside the District. I don’t hold the failure to reach out to me personally against either candidate. So I am basing my vote purely on the information provided in the voter pamphlet and answers to questionnaires published on the other blog, etc. I see this as a win-win. Both candidates seem qualified for different reasons.

Roberta L. Millstein

Sharla, I agree that both candidates seem qualified for different reasons. I also don’t hold the failure to reach out to me personally against Donna. But I do hold it as a plus in Francesca's favor. Again, this is not about me per se, but about showing a willingness to engage with people you don't necessarily agree with.

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