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I'm Heading Over to the Riley Gaines Shˆt Show

Go Free Speech!

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I love a good shit show!

I wonder how many cops in riot gear we'll have this time?   (I counted 100 at Charlie Kirk)

I wonder how many Proud Boys will show up?  (I didn't see any at Charlie Kirk)

I wonder how many protestors there will be?  (I counted 50 swelling to 100 at Charlie Kirk)

I wonder how much property damage and confrontations with the police there will be?  (I observed at Charlie Kirk protestors aligned with Cops Off Campus threw eggs at cops, taunted cops with chants against cops, blocks people from entering, insulted attendees as racists and bigots, threw objects such as water bottles at attendees leaving, and as captured on film, smashed in the glass windows on the doors to the RecHall

Across from the Mondavi Center - Protest begins in the grassy area at 5:30pm, Doors 6:15pm or earlier, Riley Show 7-9pm, After-Crap 9pm.

Go free speech!   Go non-violet protest!  Protest in any other color!

Do you also enjoy a good Shit Show?  See you there!



Ron O

True infotainment.

Alan C. Miller

Amazing how everyone protesting seems concerned about catching Civ-19 outside. They are all wearing black cloth masks.

Also, a sizable number seem to be expecting rain, given the number of umbrellas, already open despite the mostly blue skies.

I saw a couple of people parking their bikes, and donning full black caps and elastic face coverings so that only their eyes are showing. Funny, I don’t see any nearby ski slopes.

So far, no cops in riot gear. I wonder if they’re all staged inside a nearby building. Or if we don’t have any this time. Considering the antics at Charlie Kirk, including intimidation of attendees, it would surprise me if cops were not present somewhere, despite the fact that I currently don’t see any.

I would say there are just over 100 people in the protest blob, which is currently kitty corner to the entrance to the event.

Donna Lemongello

Non violence, yes PLEASE!!

Alan C. Miller

The protest blob is now chanting, “Fuck Davis Republicans“.

They are now chanting, “Hey hey! Gary May, Fuck you! These jerks don’t get to stay.“

Also, “no hate no fear Riley is not welcome here“ and, “we’re here, we’re queer, we will not live in fear.“

And now they are reciting one that is so complicated with the crowd couldn’t duplicate it. Some thing about “our university,”, but not the usual short version.

They added one, “transphobes are losers!“ in a slow, taunting, Nanny-goat, chant. Also, “Riley is for losers!”. And, something like, “ what do we do when under attack? Stand up! Fight back!“

And now they are chanting, “ACAB! ACAB! All cops are bastards!“

And now they are repeating the same chants, making me think that they have run out chants.

Now they are chanting “Who’s university? Our university!” And the protest blob is now moving towards the building where the event will be taking place. The protest blob is now very close to the entrance of the event.

Alan, C. Miller

Riot Gear Cops are here. I only see about 20, rather than 100 like a Charlie Kirk. But this is a very different situation. My suspicion, and what I would do if I was staging this, is it there are probably 80 cops staged inside, ready to go. But that’s just a guess on my part

Some thing just went clank and clunk in the distance as the blob is moving away. This of course caused several “journalists” to run towards the sound of the metal on cement. I suspect somebody just picked up a metal bench and dropped it.

Interesting, the protest blob seems to have left the area and went off towards Mrak Hall and I can’t even hear them anymore. They don’t seem to want to confront people the way they did at Charlie Kirk. Whatever “they want“ really means when you’re talking about a protest blob. When they left, someone said “keep moving“, but it wasn’t clear whether it was the cops or is someone leading the group that said that.

Well, they are now over at Mrak Hall. I’m not sure what the point is, considering it’s almost 7 PM on a Friday night, and I doubt anyone is in there, except maybe staged, cops in riot gear.

Well, I was about to give the protest blob credit for staging a nonviolent protest. That just ended. There was just emanating from Mrak Hall what sounded like a very large window or glass door shattering, followed by the crowd cheering wildly.

Now they seem to have left Mrak Hall itself and I can’t even hear them. Oh, maybe that’s them on the other side of Mrak as I see the spotlights that they’ve been using.

And it is unclear to me why they are not within 1000 feet of the event entrance anymore., And instead are in front of an empty, if symbolic, building. Seems people are going into the event just fine with no protesters in sight.


So far it looks like the protesters broke a window and sprayed graffiti at MRAK Hall.
No arrests reported, that's too bad. But we can hope.


Have they caught the vandals yet?


Those dressed in black are a bunch of left wing woosies afraid to show their identities.

See them go after that one person videoing? Ooh, so brave, tough and threatening when 50 against 1.

Haha, left wing merc’s got all dressed up with no right wing extremists to oppose, and then confused, walked away. Nothing better to do so go back to mama’s basement.

Alan C. Miller

Well, actually, first they vandalized Mrak Hall. So they did have something 'better' to do. More later.


Is it all that hard to identify who it was that vandalized MRAK Hall? I'm sure there is video footage or photos that might bust them.


"Jail. A jail sentence for vandalism can range from a few days in jail to several years in prison, depending on the amount of damage done. If you have a previous conviction for vandalism or have a criminal record for any other offenses, you may face increased jail penalties."


South of Davis

I think that Keith knows that these people will never do any jail time (even if they turned themself into the UCS Police) since they were just brave protestors standing up for the "science" that anyone can change their gender at any time. Just like looting a Foot Locker is most common way to "protest" a police shooting breaking windows on a college campus is now the new way to "protest" a "gender change deniers" like Riley Gaines speaking. If Michael Phelps changes his gender and wins 23 more gold medals as "Michelle Phelps" the only people that will be upset are a few super ultra MAGA misogynistic gender change deniers.

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